CTHM Expansion Plan Capital Campaign Begins

Fresh Trails Ahead: Our Opportunity Moment

In the post-Civil War era, the Knights of Pythias formed as a fraternal organization devoted to helping “to bind up the nation’s wounds,” in the words of Abraham Lincoln. Their Cuero headquarters, the 1903 structure preserved for our use today, is the centerpiece of our campus. Continuing our mission to serve community and to showcase ranching heritage, the Museum is expanding the campus to include two adjacent buildings, and develop the connecting green space.

To support this expansion, the Museum has established the Longhorn Society, offering a range of Naming Opportunities in honor of significant donations, and the Pioneer Circle, supporting the Expansion Plan Capital Campaign.

Won’t you join us on the fresh trails ahead?

The pages below showcase the highlights of this landmark project for Historic Downtown Cuero, adding beautification and
multiplying opportunities for the Museum and community.

Contact the Museum to secure the Longhorn Society Naming Opportunity
or Pioneer Circle ($1000 –$250,000) gift that honors your legacy best.